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Puritec is a Saudi technology consulting and solutions company, established with collective local and multinational expertise in business and technology consulting. Puritec is driven by a passionate team that puts the client value at the heart of digital transformation.

Our Purpose

We partner with our clients to unlock their growth potential through sustainable digital solutions.

Why Puritec?
Our Differentiators

Consulting Capabilities

Puritec has access to extensive expertise in management consulting capabilities that are essential to any digital transformation projects. Pure Consulting is %100 Saudi boutique consulting firm, and since its inception in 2014, have delivered more than 45 projects with 50 clients from both the private and public sector organizations.

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Global & Local Expertise

Puritec provides the right blend of global and local expertise through our team of Saudi professionals, powered by multinational team of senior technology and digital transformation experts. Puritec has access to a network of global subject matter experts to support in delivering mega projects that require industry-specific expertise.

Puritec Principles

We provide candid advice and feedback. We stand for what is right to the success of our clients.
We adapt an agile approach that puts the user at the heart of the journey design.
We believe in long-term success, not quick wins. We see it all the way through until that success is reached.
Simplicity & Flexibility
We believe in building "as needed" architecture able to adapt ever-changing environment.
Culture Embracement
We consider inevitable cultural changes that require people to adopt and accept new habits.
Customer Value
We focus on amplifying benefits for end customers, creating value in every process.

Puritec Team

Through our hand-picked team of professionals, we continue to build a high-performance, family culture at Puritec. Our team is passionate about helping our clients in identifying their highest-value opportunities to build competitive advantage and achieve sustainable success.

Puritec Leaders

Hesham Rowaihy

Managing Partner
Hesham is a Managing Partner leading the strategy consulting practice. He has +17 years of experience and is responsible of delivering management consulting projects that require strategy, organizational development, and operational effectiveness. Prior to establishing Pure, Hesham worked for PwC, P&G, SEDCO, and Badir Program for ICT Incubators.

Ahmed Salama

Chief Technology Officer
Ahmed is the Chief Technology Officer. Has over +10 years of experience in web development and software product management, and in helping clients build solutions from ideation to execution. He is an experienced solution architect with a proven track record in delivering cloud-based platforms.

Mujib Bahadiri

Head of Software of Engineering
Mujib is the Head of Software Engineering leading and managing Software Development processes and teams to deliver innovative solutions.. He is a Certified Professional Cloud Architects (GCP) with +10 years of experience in Application Development. Prior to starting his role in Puritec, Mujib worked for International Medical Center, Al-Rowads IT Solutions (Abu Dhabi Police HQ)

Hammam Abdulsattar

Business Development Manager
Hammam is the business development manager. He has over +15 years of experience in Enterprise solutions and Business development, He is highly focused to build long term partnerships with our clients and deliver value-added solutions.

Our Services

Digital Transformation

We have the knowledge, expertise, and credible partners to help you define or achieve your vision. Having extensive experience operating in versified industries, we offer you the right consultation in order to set an evident strategy and choose the proper approach to lead your business towards prosperity.

Cloud Services

Neatly designed to help you transform the way your business runs and recognize cloud technology’s constant possibilities to step to the next phase with certainty through offering cloud solutions.

Data and Analytics

Business and data analysis professionals who have the desired skills to efficiently count on your business data analytics to turn its problems and issues into questions that can be strategically answered.

IT Outsourcing Services

Our IT outsourcing experts can help you find the wished-for professionals and talents to get the job done. We are able to understand your business vision and requirements. By following a strategic approach of nominating and testing, we can find the most favorable candidates who can in effect support you to achieve your goals.

Featured Solutions

Digital Identity Management Solutions

The all-in-one digital identity and access management solution. Secured, convenient, and globally authenticated Digital Identity.

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ITSM Solutions

We support you in releasing the potential of the digital age for your company or organization. We have the knowledge, the expertise and credible partners to help you define or achieve your vision.

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Our Partners

Hand in Hand, We help companies reach their potential by supporting them in building their products, product teams, and solutions.

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