NICE – ​​Digital Identity and Access Management Solution

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Nice to Meet You is a one-stop solution for digitizing and authenticating identities.​ ​ Our clients use Nice to Meet You tools to authenticate their employees, customers and members, pioneering security, digital transformation and environmental sustainability.​ ​ Whether it is an organizational ID, access cards, membership cards, loyalty cards or insurance cards - you name it, we digitize it!​

Authenticated Business Cards​

NICE offers authenticated digital business cards, easy to activate and suspend. ​

Real-Time Authentication Badge

Significantly reducing risk of impersonation and fraud in a way that is simply not possible with “smart” plastic cards.

Fraud-Proof. Each Digital card is issued a unique QR code to prevent forgery

NICE replaces physical access cards and provides a one-step access to premises.

The in-app contact book makes networking easy for your workforce, with the NICE app

Auto-generated Card Link and unique QR Code scannable by all QR Code readers

The profiles are private and only accessible through the designated network

Copy link feature for sharing in video conferences (zoom, teams, webex, etc)

Directly save as contact with one click

The in-app contact book makes networking easy for your workforce, with the NICE app you can:


Search by your network by location, occupation, name, company, event, date, city, etc.


Scan physical business cards, with smart exchange and text recognition, and save them directly to your contacts.


Instantly share business cards via different social media platforms.


Edit your contact details and they will be instantly updated with everyone in your verified digital network.

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